BIOSLIMMING ENERGY DRAINAGE                             Detox Sculpting Treatment

Full body massage no mask 50 min £ 75 


Full body massage with a mask on stomach or arms or buttocks 60 min £ 85 


Full body massage with mask on buttocks and hamstrings 70 min £ 100 


Full body massage with mask on stomach and buttocks 70 min £ 95 


Full body massage with mask on tights and hamstrings 80 min £ 105


Full body massage with mask on tights, hamstrings and buttocks 85 min £ 115 


Full body massage with mask on tights, hamstrings, buttocks and stomach 90 min £ 125 


DTox treatment contains dry brushing, manual massage, choice of oils with gua sha massage 


                                       For limited time get £ 15 off DTox body treatment 



Please note the treatment is NOT recommended to pregnant and breastfeeding women, anyone with nuts or essential oils allergies. Eczema, psoriasis, acne, blood coagulation problems.



Our stomach, often considered the second brain, can accumulate emotions that are harmful to our organs. The new Detox treatment aimed at releasing energy flows, eliminating toxins and promoting optimal functioning of the body, with emphasis on the ventral region. 

This slimming treatment combines holistic massage techniques, ancestral beauty tools, 100% natural oils and a sculpting mask. Acting in depth, it stimulates lymphatic, blood and energy circulation. 

Result: detoxification of the body, a silhouette harmonious, rejuvenated and tonic. The balance between body and mind is restored, promoting a more fluid circulation of energy. 

This massage can be carried out independently or integrated into a slimming treatment course, such as the Bioslimming Active Wrap, to significantly increase its effectiveness.

During DTOX treatment with D-Tox mask applied on stomach area 

One hour after the treatment .


Body brush aka dry brushing 


Promotes blood and lymphatic micro circulation which allows for reoxygenation, toning of tissues, drainage of toxins and reduction of cellulite. It thus provides an exfoliating action and facilitates the penetration of products.




Body treatment oils 

D-Tox Bioactive 

Essential oils and plant extracts that, combined with targeted massage, aim to facilitate the drainage of toxins, water and fats.


ReFirm Bioactive 

A unique blend of vegetable oils rich in fatty acids, vitamins and essential oils with regenerative, draining and soothing properties to help restore skin firmness.

ReNew Bioactive 

A true source of natural youth that improves tissue quality.





The white jade GUA-SHA is sculpted with a specific shape and angles to perfectly match the body's contours to work on the 3 layers of the skin.





sunburn and burns 



blood coagulation issues


Body mask 

Lift mask (Lipolytic action)

Sculpting warming mask, tightening effect. Fight fat, targets skin laxity and redefines the contour of the silhouette.

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