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Price is for full body spray tan with 2 coats of spray tan applications if you wish another coat there is a £10 charge extra per application.

Full Body Spray tan                 30 min £ 40                                                                                                        

(disposable panties + sticky feet included)  


Full Body customised tan            30 min  £45                                                                                       

(disposable panties + sticky feet included)


Legs only spray tan                 15 min £ 30                                                                                    

Full body exfoliation 24h before spray tan                                                                        

                                    40 min £ 50

Disposable spray tan rob                                                                                                    
                                   1 piece £ 15

Strapless disposable panty by Shibue Couture Inc                                                       

                                   1 piece £ 5                                                                                    

Full body dry brushing (just before  a tan)                                                                           
                                   20 min £ 30

( disposable brush included)


Pre- tan PH balancing spray        10 min £ 5                                                                                          




Vani-T Express Liquid Sun

Light (10% DHA)


Favourite  of leading celebrities, LiquidSun® provides a deep, honey-dipped glow rich in anti-oxidants, botanical extracts and precious oils of argan, macadamia and coconut.

A luxuriously creamy formula, with potent age-fighting and cell rejuvenating properties for younger, more radiant looking skin.


DHA%: 10% DHA




Key Ingredients:

  • 100% cruelty free and vegan
  • 95% naturally derived

Key Benefits:

  • Micro emulsion technology - unique manufacturing process for deeper penetration of active ingredients. Locks in moisture for ultimate hydration.
  • Age-fighting and cell rejuvenating - luxurious Australian botanicals, vitamins and oils (Quandong, Kakadu Plum, Vitamins A, C & E) provide younger, more radiant looking skin.
  • Express development - delivers colour in as little as 1 hour. Leave on for up to 8 hours for a darker result.
  • Green base - counteracts pink undertones for the deepest, darkest tan.
  • Aromatherapy blend - no faux tan odour 


Vani-T Express Fusion 

Medium (10 % DHA)



Fusion is infused with nutrient-rich indigenous Australian Kakadu Plum Extract (offering 50 times the Vitamin C), it offers intense anti-oxidant, anti-aging and collagen building properties for younger, more radiant looking skin. To give you an exotic Mediterranean-looking glow with an Australian twist. Skin fusion technology combines wheat amino acids which act as a magnet for never before seen, long lasting color and guaranteed perfect fade.

A natural and organic based formula that contains no parabens, mineral oils, artificial fragrance, glycols, sulphates, petrochemicals DEA, or TEA. The Micro-emulsion technology offers better penetration and delivery of the active ingredients, giving deeper, darker results.


Key Features

  • no orange tones
  • long lasting and fades evenly
  • base color : red 
  • aromatherapy blend – no faux tan odor
  • intensely hydrating

Development Time: 1-3 HOUR. (1 Hour = Light, 2- 4 Hour= Medium, 4-6 Hour= Dark, 8 Hour= Ultra Dark.)
Average Tan Length: 5+ days
Tanning Level/DHA: Customizable 10%




Vani-T Express Activate 

15% DHA



Designed for an active lifestyle, Activate takes your tanning game to the next level. Slimming, firming and sweat proof formula with added tan activating peptides for an ultra dark finish. 

Development Time:  1 Hour = Light, 2- 4 Hour= Medium, 4-6 Hour= Dark, 8 Hour= Ultra Dark. 
Average Tan Length: 5+ days
Tanning Level/DHA: Customizable 15% 
Base Colour: Chocolate


Key Benfits:

  • Sweat proof formula - allows perspiration to pass through the tan instead of removing it.
  • Melanatime® - tan activating peptides enhance melanin production and extend the life of your tan.
  • Caffeine and guarana - help to improve skin tightness and firmness by aiding blood flow to the skin, amplifying your training results.
  • Express development time - delivers color in as little as 1 hour.
  • Chocolate base - suits all skin tones for the deepest, darkest tan.
  • Aromatherapy blend - no faux tan odor.
  • 100% cruelty free and vegan




Illumin8 Dry Oil Express 
15 % DHA


Ensure you’re photo-ready all year round with our opulent Illuminat8 Dry Oil Express Spray Tan Solution. Formulated with a natural blend of 8 botanical oils, your skin will take on new life thanks to the ultra-hydrating properties of this skin pampering solution. Not to mention, you’ll literally radiate health and vitality with a sun-kissed look that everyone will be talking about.

Our fast-drying formula will transform you from drab to fab in an instant. Just like all the VANI-T tanning solution range, you can tailor your look to suit your mood. Wash off after an hour to achieve a subtle radiance, leave for 2 to 3 hours for a deeper tan, or wait 4+ hours to go Bahamas level.

Enjoy a flawless finish, a golden glow, and supple skin with this one amazing product. You could call it the ultimate triple threat - we won’t argue.

15% - the active ingredient for the magic glow

No tell-tale faux tan odour

How often
Enjoy a sun-kissed glow for up to 10 days 

How long
Delivers colour in as little as 1 hour 

Chocolate base - no orange hues to give the game away


 Who is it Ideal for?
•Clients in a hurry (i.e. need an immediate tan for an event in the evening).
•Reduces spray tan development time from 8 hours to under 5 hours.
 •The busy, VIP client who need a premium service.
 •The perfect solution to pamper your hypersensitive skin client, who may be concerned with the length of time the product is on their skin.
Key Features:
•no orange tones
•long lasting and fades evenly
•authentic cocoa brown colour
•no tell tale odour
•intensely hydrating
•Rapid Tan

Vani-T tanning cocktail menu


Full body spray tan £ 45



***Here Comes the Bride***


An ideal honey-dipped glow for brides, or those wanting the perfect hint of natural colour.Wash off after 4 hours.





For those wanting gorgeous olive tones touched by a hint of sun-kissed ‘just off the beach’red undertones. Wash off after 4 hours.



***Bondi Goddess***


Deep honey coloured tan with the perfect red undertone. Stand out from the crowd with this flawless blend, suitable for all skin tones. Wash off after 6-8 hours.



***Ebony nights***


Perfect honeycomb/chocolate tan - absolutely stunning on those with naturally darker skin tones.Wash off after 4-6 hours.



***Dare to be Dark***


Rich, velvety chocolate tan with a warm red undertone. Guaranteed to please the most discerning tanner. Wash off after 3-4 hours.






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