SkinSkulpt TM

SkinSkulpt aka "facial exercise"is a treatment using combination of facial massages that promote relaxation, improve circulation, and potentially contribute to a more youthful appearance. Rather than relying on advanced skin treatment procedures, this type of massages focus on non-invasive techniques that work to stimulate the muscles and tissues of the face.


* improved blood circulation 

* stress reduction 

* lymphatic drainage 

* muscle relaxation 

* reduced wrinkles and fine lines 

* enhanced skin texture 

* lifted and contoured appearance 

* natural facelift

* holistic wellness 

* enhanced self- confidence 


SkinSkulpt (tone, de-puffiness, relax, deep tissue)  60 min including mask                 Promo price £70


SkinSkulpt (relax, de-puffiness, tone) 45 min including mask £ 60


SkinSkulpt (relax and tone ) 30 min no mask £50 


Cosmetics used by South Korean brand Genosys.

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