Skin undertone quiz

What colour are your veins?


A) You have blue or purple veins 

B) You have green looking veins 

C) Your veins look the same as your skin colour or are mix of the two 


What hair colours do you look best in?


A) You look best with ashy or platinum hair shades 

B) You look best with mahogany or golden tones

C) Both kinds of hair colours are flattering on you


How does your skin look next to the white shirt?


A) Your skin appears to be rosier when the shirt is up against it

B) Your skin appears more yellow

c) You don't notice much of a difference


Do you burn or tan in the sun?


A) You sunburn easily anytime you are in the sun for an extended period

B) You get a tan without burning in the sun

C) You usually get a mix of tan and sunburn 


What colour jewellery do you look best in?


A) Silver and rose gold jewellery look best on you 

B) Gold is your go-to for jewellery 

C) You can rock both gold and silver 


The moment of truth 


* If you chose mostly A's: You have a cool undertone 

* If you chose mostly B's: You have a warm undertone 

* If you chose mostly C's: You have a neutral undertone 



Cool- Pink, Red, Bluish undertones (Green based solutions, ash chocolate)


* Pink or Beige complexions 

* Blue or Purple veins in the wrists 

* Skin reflects yellow in natural sunlight 

* Burns in the sun 

* Wears pink based makeup 

* Look best in silver jewellery 


Warm -Yellow, peachy or golden undertones (Violet, Red solutions,ash chocolate)


* Yellow or Golden complexions

* Green or olive veins in the wrists

* Skin reflects blue in natural sunlight 

* Tans in the sun

* Wears yellow based makeup

* Looks best in gold jewellery 


Neutral - Peach, beige or olive undertones (Green, Violet, chocolate,ash solutions)


* Olive or brown complexions 

* Blue -green veins in the wrists 

* Skin reflects green in natural sunlight 

* Tans but burns occasionally 

* Wears meakup which is not too yellow or pink 

* Looks best in gold and silver jewellery 




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